India - IFC Rain CII Carbon Ltd

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India - IFC Rain CII Carbon Ltd

Title of Document India - IFC Rain CII Carbon Ltd
Abstract Carbon markets are important for mobilising financings needed to address the challenges of mitigating climate change. Carbon trading has grown significantly in the recent years, howeved sr, few products exist to optimise the value of carbon assets for developing country projects.
The Carbon Delivery Guarantee (CDG) is IFC's main financial carbon product. The CDG leverages the IFC's ability to take long-term risks in emerging markets, and benefits both buyers anellers of carbon credits. The CDG supports climate-friendly projects in emerging markets.
Barriers: Under developed carbon market in developing countries
Instrument: Carbon Delivery Guarantee
Application: n/a
Amount: 850,000 carbon credits
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Original Source World Bank
Year 2011
Region/Country South Asia - India
Language(s) English
Document Type Case Study - Project Financing
Technology Bioenergy Waste-to-energy
Connection Type Grid-connected