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International Dairy Advisor

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International Dairy Advisor
  • Uganda

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temporary contract

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Job description
Job Description

SNV seeks a talented International Dairy  professional who  will be part of The Inclusive Dairy Enterprise (TIDE) Project, delivering on its goal of improving dairy farm incomes, household nutrition and employment opportunities for 20,000 farmers in South Western Uganda. The TIDE project in its second phase, focuses on market development through supporting sustainable intensification of dairy production systems, milk systems and effective infrastructure for input supply and service provision. The Advisor  will lead on the  strategic, operational support and coaching of the TEA and DFN Units and their field teams, to implement ongoing activities. The international Dairy advisor is responsible for:

  • Advisory Services -Act  as a technical expert for the Project Manager by contributing to the strategic direction of  the project activities that relate to sustainable dairy intensification. Take lead on establishing and operationalising a market-driven system, that ensures that local private sector can sustainably provide training, advice, services and inputs to dairy farming communities, and the other relevant stakeholders.
  • Knowledge Development -Contribute to internal and external knowledge development  and liaise with development partners, research organisations (NARO, CIAT, ILRI, others) to support the learning agenda and evidence-based policy influencing, through compiling and sharing of lessons learned from the models piloted under the TEA and FDN Units.
  • Project and Process development -Identify and propose technical process improvements to the TIDE project team. Act on improvement areas within the local internal organisation  process and give feedback related to field-based approaches that enable the utilisation and uptake of knowledge, skills and practices introduced through the E-Dairy platform, Competence Builder and Rumen8 digital tools.  
  • People Management -Steer colleagues and coach associated partners or external stakeholders on quality within the context of assignments. Act as a technical expert in the content area, apply process improvements in projects and coach colleagues and associated partners both professionally and operationally on quality of context within projects.
  • Positioning- Identify and analyse market opportunities and threats and ensure relevant colleagues are informed. Liaise with both local & international private sector actors such as seed companies, agricultural contractors, feed and soil labs, farm mechanisation suppliers, for enhanced access by farmers to quality inputs, equipment, and services.
  • Business Development -Build, maintain and utilise relationships with relevant stakeholders, represent  SNV and identify  opportunities for Business Development policies and procedures and where required and feasible, support the TEA and FDN Unit Heads in the identification and sourcing of relevant expertise and other internationals support missions in line with Outcome 1.


  • Master’s Degree or a Degree from a University for Applied Sciences in animal husbandry/dairy production, preferably with specialisations in dairy nutrition, training & extension.
  • Six (6) years plus of experience in the relevant field of dairy husbandry, dairy extension & training, preferably in the tropics. Experience in the dairy sector in East and Southern Africa.
  • Knowledge and experience as regards dairy feeding, breeding, young stock management, disease control, housing and cow comforts, pasture management, forage production and preservation, milking and hygiene, farm mechanization, manure and energy management, biosecurity, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience of/with farm recording tools, such as for herd management, farm economics and online dairy information platforms.
  • Specific expert knowledge in forage production, preservation, dairy nutrition, ration balancing, climate-smart agriculture and sustainable livestock production systems
  • Experience with knowledge transfer (farmer extension, training, ToTs), ability to develop training and instructional materials and set-up training of farmer and training of trainers’ courses.
  • Ability and expertise in carrying out dairy-related technical assessments & evaluations, feasibility studies, strategy and policy papers falling under TEA and FDN agenda.
  • Experience in managing partner relations with NGOs, government departments, research and knowledge institutes, industry associations, and private sector market actors
  • Ability/experience in guiding and coaching local dairy advisors and extensions workers with the knowledge, skills, and product development.
  • Familiar with digital-based information solutions and platforms, & related software and hardware
  • Work experience in a multi-disciplinary and cultural team.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Good computer and software applications skills.
  • Sensitive and committed to gender equity and diversity.
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