Launching of Updated Mozambique NDC 2020-2025

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At the beginning of the first week of COP26, NDC Partnership presented live the launch of the Updated Mozambique NDC for the period 2020-2025. 18 NDC partnership members have responded to the government's request and are providing technical and financial support to advance climate action.

This updated version focuses on adaptation contributions in the areas of:

  • Early Warning Systems
  • Agriculture and Fishing
  • Water resources and resilient water supply and sanitation systems
  • Health
  • Biodiversity
  • Forestry
  • Social safety
  • Infrastructures, urban areas, settlements and touristic and coastal zones
  • Communication, education, capacity building and sensibilization (Transversal actions)

"Mozambique developed and is implementing 3 local adaptation plans to identify, prioritise and implement actions where they are most needed."

In terms of emissions reduction, Mozambique is committed to reduce the CO2 emissions per capita from 2.1 to 1.2 tCO2e/per capita by 2025.

The mitigation actions of the updated NDC are focused in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture and livestock and sustainable land uses
  • Waste management
  • Energy assurance
  • Sustainabilitiy of industries

Mozambique expects a total cumulative reduction of 40 Mi tCO2e by 2025.

Additional measures included in the new NDC are:

  1. Integrate climate change into core planning, budgeting and the public investment processes with engagement of all government sectors and leadership of the ministry of economy and finance and the ministry of land and environment
  2. Assist mobilisation of international support for mitigation and adaptation actions

For more information and to watch the recording of the launch visit:

The NDC Partnership presentations were hosted by:

  • Carlos Agostinho do Rosário - Prime Minister of Mozambique
  • Cláudio Afonso - National Director of Climate Change
  • Pearnel Charles Jr. - Minister of Housing, Urban Renewal, Environment and Climate Change of Jamaica