Let There Be Light International

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Let There Be Light International (LTBLI) is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in the United States that fights Climate Change and Energy Poverty with a 3-tiered action model:

1) Meet the basic lighting needs of vulnerable individuals and families in off-grid communities by working with local stakeholders to provide a safe solar light to vetted beneficiaries in one or more recipient M.O.D.E.S. (Mothers, Orphans, Persons living with a Disability, Elders, Students). See our Energy Poverty Animation below.


2) Meet the basic electricity needs of remote, off-grid health clinics in Uganda through the provision of upgradable and expandable basic solar electrification systems, prioritizing rural health clinics that are not currently scheduled for electrification through other programs or projects. Read more about our programming below.


3)Raise awareness about the interlinkages between Energy Access and Health, Education, Women's safety and wellbeing and other SDGs through outreach, education and fundraising campaigns in Uganda, Malawi, Kenya and the US.


By September 2019, 12,500 solar lights have been donated to vetted families. Demographic and lighting data is collected on all beneficiaries and follow-up survey are administered annually.

33 health centers have been solar-electrified in Uganda. Monthly monitoring and follow-up services are provided through Solar Health Uganda, a Uganda-based partner.

1,200 outreach and education sessions have been conducted in Uganda at health and educational facilites.

20 women have been trained as solar entrepreneurs through our innovative Women SET (Solar Empowerment Training).

Rural women are being incentivized to give birth with trained birth attendants at 3 rural health clinics in Uganda through LTBLI's Safe Births + Healthy Homes, a solar light incentive project in Uganda.