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In view of lacking energy sources combined with high energy demand, the importance of energy saving and energy efficient use is increasing in many countries. End-consumer -companies, municipalities- spend a high amount of their budgets on energy. Expenses for lighting can at times account for half of the energy costs! Thereby, there are potentials behind lighting that are thus far not used to reduce the burden on budgets, as well as on the environment. 

Lighting Audits as well as Walk-through-Audits assist to identify and use the thus far wasted potentials for energy efficient lighting.

This part of the service package compiles exemplary results from lighting audits and walk-through audits. The results show starting points to 'harvest' the unused potentials for energy efficient lighting. Already the results from lighting audits and walk-through audits are vital to demonstrate the effectiveness and added value of energy efficient lighting to decision-makers. The usefulness of audit results accelerates when, in a second step, the suggested lighting measures are implemented and results become tangible (e.g. in terms of savings, better lighting quality).

Selected public (pilot) buildings from the exemplary audits have been:

  • building of a ministry
  • municipal administration
  • university
  • school
  • national- and university library
  • student hostel

The selection of the ‘right’ pilot buildings is very important if one aims to have successful ‘flagship initiatives’. The selection process is closely related to the identification of actors and addressees. In the case of the here presented results, actors have been specific national and municipal decision-makers (in terms of supporting the audits in the buildings), while addressees have been other decision-makers (for replication) as well as private consumers.

For details regarding this process see the List of criteria to select pilot buildings.

Accordingly, it was of importance that the buildings

  • reflected characteristics of the building stock (of e.g. municipalities in the respective country),
  • provided saving potentials/need for rehabilitation,
  • were easily accessible/in a larger catchment area.


Key Words

Lighting Audits
Municipality building
Primary school
Student dormitory

The reports provide the results from a lighting audit in the primary school “Musa Zajmi” in Gjilan; in a student dormitory owned by the Municipality of Prishtina; and in the administration building of the Municipality Gjakova. The reports contain general building information, the actual lighting situation, energy consumption and costs, new lighting solutions and recommendations.

Model Audit Administration.pdf
(Municipal administration) 

Model Audit School.pdf 

(Primary school)

Model Audit Student Dormitory.pdf 

(Student dormitory)


Walk-through audit
Public buildings
Ministry building
Technical faculty

The reports provide results from a walk-through audit in a ministry building, the technical faculty of a university and in a national library. The reports contain building information, describes the lighting situation and identifies audit areas, lighting requirements, task and focus of a lighting audit, estimation of energy savings and investments, advantages and recommendations.

Model Walk Through Library.pdf


Model Walk Through Ministry.pdf

(Ministry building)

Model Walk Through Technical Faculty.pdf 



Lighting audits
Walk-through audits
Public buildings
Administration building

The presentation contains the results from lighting audits in a primary school and a municipal administration building in Kosovo. The presentation was held to decision-maker on national and municipal level.
Light Audit results presentation.pdf 

Walk-through audits
Public buildings

The presentation contains the results from a lighting audits in a student dormitory and walk-through lighting audits in the technical faculty of the University of Prishtina, the building of the ministry, and the national library. The presentation was held to decision-maker on national and municipal level. LightAudit WalkThrough Results presentation.pdf