Low-Cost Pay-Per-Use Irrigation Using Solar Trolley Systems

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Low-Cost Pay-Per-Use Irrigation Using Solar Trolley Systems

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In India, the availability of irrigation water is dependent on monsoon patterns or the availability of power to operate ground water pumps. Many villages lack access to electricity. Given this lack of electricity, diesel pumps are often the most reliable means to pump the water that is used for irrigation. The use of diesel fuel has many drawbacks, including environmental pollution, as well as ever-increasing costs which have a negative impact on farmers’ economic prosperity.[1]

Clean Energy Solution

Claro Energy intends to offer a pay-per-use irrigation service that uses a portable solar pump. The portable design will provide affordable, convenient, and on-demand irrigation. The service will meet the needs of a wide range of farmers who do not own pumps, with no upfront capital costs incurred. The farmer will call a toll-free line, pre-pay, and schedule irrigation service at his field.[1]


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The project will enable farmers to irrigate larger amounts of farmland, increase production during the summer season, and invest funds saved on the purchase of diesel in more efficient technologies. All of these results will increase farmers’ productivity and income, while decreasing GHG emissions. The proposed project will create employment in rural, agricultural communities, as villagers have the opportunity to become local irrigation service providers.[1]

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Claro Energy provides off-grid solar power pumping solutions to power-deficient regions in India. The company was established in 2011, with the objective of harnessing solar power to pump ground water. Claro’s solar water pump solutions can have broad application across irrigation, agriculture, drinking water, and urban settings.[1]

Progress Update

Claro Energy has installed 5 fixed solar systems and 25 trolley systems, all of which are currently being used in fields for irrigation and serving 30-40 farmers per day. A pre-paid card system is now being used for remote activation of the pump/cart systems. 350 farmers are currently benefitting from the systems, with roughly 30% of those being women. Claro has a staff of 10 professionals available to provide technical assistance to users, and continues to conduct trainings and demonstrations. Design changes are being completed for the next version of the pump, with farmer feedback driving the changes. Claro expects to produce 25 trolleys of the new design by the end of 2017. [1]

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