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ME SOLshare Ltd

ME SOLshare Ltd. (SOLshare) is a Bangladeshi company based in Dhaka. The company was founded in October 2014 as an affiliate of the German consulting company MicroEnergy International GmbH. SOLshare is the result of years of research of students and practitioners from MicroEnergy International GmbH, Technische Universitaet Berlin, the United International University Dhaka, and the University of California Berkeley, in the field of off grid rural electrification. The underlying concept for SOLshare’s core business was developed by MicroEnergy International and is called Swarm-Electrification. Swarm-Electrification is a dynamic step by step electrification approach for off-grid rural areas, with decentralized generation and storage capacities, enabling the grid to grow dynamic. ME SOLshare is a platform provider for reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity access to low-income people in the global south. The main activities of SOLshare are the design and management of innovative and dynamic DC nanogrids. These activities comprise the design, management of manufacturing and sale of an innovative charge controller for households with Solar Homes Systems (SHS) and households without SHS. The SOLshare technology enables interconnection between multiple users to a decentralized, low voltage DC nanogrid and facilitates electricity trade. To enable electricity trade between SHS users, SOLshare also offers full back-end data management for these DC nanogrids. SOLshare offers its products and services to communities, households and small businesses in densely populated off-grid villages in rural Bangladesh. These communities need a flexible, stable, and sufficient electricity supply for lighting, phone charging, entertainment and business generating activities at an affordable price point.

Business Sectors

  • Equipment Manufactoring
  • Project Development
  • Technology / System Supply

Products and Services

  • Managing of manufacturing of bi-directional solar charge controllers with metering function
  • Smart grid technology
  • Grid maintenance
  • Back end data management (grid management)



Solar Electric Technologies

  • Rural Electrification
  • Off-Grid
  • DC Nanogrid


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House 287, Lane 4, DOHS Baridhara
1206 Dhaka

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Company Details

No. of employees: 7
Languages: English, German, Bengali

Contact Details

person Sebastian Groh, Daniel Ciganovic

phone 00880 179 326 83 92



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