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Making Markets Work – Models for Private Sector Engagement in Humanitarian Energy

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Making Markets Work | Models for Private Sector Engagement in Humanitarian Energy

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The access to energy challenge in humanitarian settings is significant and growing. These rising energy needs present an opportunity for private sector engagement, and collaboration, in displacement settings.

What are the lessons learnt around partnership models for private sector engagement in humanitarian settings and how can we strengthen collaboration going forward?

Dalberg, Mercy Corps, Shell, IFC, GOGLA, and GPA warmly invite you to a dialogue series on public-private-partnerships in humanitarian energy. In three panel sessions, a wide range of experts will share their knowledge, expertise, and learning.

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Session 1: Private sector engagement in humanitarian energy 101: ‘The need, the obstacles, and the opportunity’

This session aims to build a common understanding of the importance and challenges around private sector engagement in energy access in displacement settings. Facilitated by Dalberg, the panel will comprise leaders from Shell, Mercy Corps, and IFC Lighting Global.
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  • Gaurav Gupta, Partner & Asia Regional Director, Dalberg Advisors


Session 2: Speaking from experience: ‘Private sector learnings from engaging in humanitarian energy’

This session aims to bring to life, the real-world experiences, perspectives, and lessons learned from energy enterprises who have engaged in humanitarian settings. Facilitated by GOGLA, the panel will comprise of leaders from Schneider Electric, BrightLife, and BBOXX
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  • Olivier Jacquet, Business Development VP, Access to Energy, Africa, Middle-East and South Africa – Sustainable Development, Schneider Electric
  • Stefan Grundmann, COO, BrightLife
  • Mansoor Hamayun, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, BBOXX

Session 3: Collaboration models to develop energy markets: ‘Market-based approaches’ vs ‘Procure and distribute’

This session aims to bring energy enterprises and humanitarian agencies together to discuss collaboration models that pave the way for partnership – what works best and when? Facilitated by the GPA, this panel comprises of leaders from UNHCR, d.light, GIZ , and Mercy Corps.
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  • Thomas Fohgrub, Strategic Lead, Global Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy Solutions in Situations of Displacement (GPA) UNITAR



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