Market Dialogue on Greening Humanitarian Responses Through Enhanced Solar Energy Harvesting

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Project Description

Transition from single-use Solar Water Pumping Scheme to future multipurpose concept.

Thousands of solar water schemes are installed each year in off-grid areas for increasing access to water to crisis affected populations and local communities. Water pumps, however, can only use a fraction of the energy provided by solar panels, leaving a sizeable amount of surplus solar energy unused, and therefore wasted.

This project offers an innovative approach to support the shift to cleaner and more cost-efficient energy solutions, making use of wasted power capacity at thousands of solar powered water schemes, and taking advantage of existing budgets, management models and field engineering expertise. Being able to make use of the full power capacity at existing and future solar powered water schemes, would not only help to meet critical energy needs (charge phones, light communities, power businesses and others) but also help for better care of water schemes, minimize water waste, and bring more options for better social engineering and financial sustainability.


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