Micro-Hydro Power Institutions

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Depending on ownership and general micro-hydro Power (MHP) setup there are various management forms to operate a Micro-Hydro Power (MHP).

There are different common models of MHP management:

  • community operated mhp
  • privately owned/energy service provider
  • governmental owned mhp

Required Institutions

  • Financing entities - banks often do not understand the financial potential of MHP
  • Hardware providers - Turbines and controllers are not produced in every country. Import may be difficult.
  • Authority of electricity - usually is controls issues of new electrification. Often there is no experience with isolated grids or electricity feed-in.
  • Management of MHP schemes; either locally or centrally, whereby the later probably works only for bigger schemes.

Some countries require to follow laws for water use.

A demonstration of know how and applicability may be the first step.

Training engaged and capable key persons in areas where mhp is already established and working, can create the foundation for local know how.

Micro-hydro Power (MHP) is scale-able and mostly craftsmanship. Local workshops can learn how to manufacture (small) turbines. Local agents can be trained how to identify potential locations. Installation and mhp setup can be trained on the spot to certain entities.

Overall Institutional Set-up

Further Information