Micro Hydro Power in Leku, Ethiopia

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Location of the Micro Hydro Power (MHP) site:

  • Country: Ethiopia Energy Situation
  • District: Jimma
  • River: Boru river
  • GPS Coordinates: Between 7o17’ & 7o44’ North and between 36o17’& 36o


Leku Migira Mill Upgrading Project is located on the Boru River in Jimma zone. The project is re-developing an existing water mill scheme into dual purpose mechanical mill facility as productive use as well as electrical power generation plant. It is located in the Oromia regional state, Jimma zone, Shebe Sombo woreda.

The economic base of the Leku Migira kebele is directly linked to agriculture, mainly production of coffee and maize. A total population of about 3,985 is living in the kebele within 782 households in 25 smaller neighborhoods (gares). This project is benefiting about 200 households.


The general objective of the project is to incorporate into the existing traditional watermill plant, electric generating facility to provide modern clean, affordable and sustainable energy for the kebele. In addition, the project aims to improve the living standard of inhabitants in the kebele.


The MHP plant Leku has a capacity of 20 kW and was inaugurated in beginning of 2016. A total of approximately 200 households is connected to the plant, in addition to social institutions for example: a mosque, a school, a commercial center, a health center, a Farmers Training Center (FTC), a co-operative office and a grain mill owned by Chokerisa Kenisa Leku co-operative.

  • Start of construction: December 2013
  • Date of Commissioning: Beginning of 2016
  • Ownership / Operation Modell: The MHP plant is owned and operated by the local community
  • Tariff structure: Not yet derived
  • Turbine: T-12 cross flow turbine
  • Generator: Three phase synchronous generator/20kW
  • Electric load controller capacity: 20 kW
  • Transmission line type/length: Aluminum cable/3300m


Generator Leku
Generator used at MHP Leku

PH and Penstock.jpg
PH and Penstock

River Leku.jpg
River Leku

Turbine Leku.jpg
Turbine used in MHP Leku

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