Mobile Solar Kiosk

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The Mobile Solar Kiosk (MSK) is a mobile charging point, which can be attached to bicycles and mopeds. It offers a micro solution to quickly charge cell phones for people on the go, using renewable energy technology. The Quick Charge has two retractable solar panels with 40 watts each at the top, a lock system to keep the cell phone system and the solar panels secured at night, as well as, a lithium battery to store electricity for night charging. A manual charging mechanism can be used when the device is on a stationary position and in the case of bad weather. Since the whole system is on wheels, MSK can go where the customers are or where they gather, such as at market places, churches or bus stops. The whole unit is fitted onto a plastic body, which can also offer space for advertisement. The product is only a prototype at this stage.

Background Information

It is an undisputed fact that mobile phones can drive progress in developing and emerging markets. Due to technological advancements in mobile services, the prices for mobile phones have become so low that access to mobiles is widespread. Charging these phones, however, is often a significant problem. In many countries, mobile penetration has far outpaced the growth of the electricity grid, and even when it is available, the connection is often unaffordable and/or unreliable. This means that people often have to undertake long journeys to reach the next power source and that there is a huge demand for affordable backup options.

Social Impact

Mobile phones do not only foster communication, they are also an important source of information and offer a constantly growing range of services, such as mobile payment systems or agricultural information. MSK allows people with limited access to electricity to solve their phone charging needs without having to walk miles to a charging station. These units can be deployed in a franchise system, creating sources of income for people in these areas.

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