Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – Haiti

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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – Haiti

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Job title
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – Haiti
Clean Cooking Alliance

  • Haiti
Latin America and Caribbean
Type of job
temporary contract

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Job description
[[Job description::Position Overview

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer – Haiti Clean Cooking Alliance is responsible for in-country leadership of the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan which tracks the Project’s performance through indicators and other routine M&E activities using qualitative approaches as well as creating feedback loops in the Project to improve implementation. The officer will play a key role in all data collection, analysis, and learning activities to help ensure accountability and efficiency from start to finish for all the Project’s programmatic activities as outlined in the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. S/he will provide technical field support to the Project using the learnings from the established M&E system. The M&E Officer will work to ensure that all M&E responsibilities are implemented efficiently, on time, and in line with the values of the Alliance.

Essential Functions

  • In collaboration with the DC-based M&E Manager, establish processes and procedures for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for the Haiti Country Office and the Project at-large. *The M&E Officer will lead a “culture of learning” where monitoring data is constantly used to improve project implementation. S/he will work with the Environment Officer, the Market Development Officer, and the Gender Officer to regularly use data for decision-making, and if needed, course correction;
  • Work with field-based and DC Headquarters team to manage midline and end-line data collection activities. Lead routine data collection activities throughout the Project’s implementation;
  • Work on data cleaning, analysis, and reporting;
  • Work with the M&E Manager to develop database systems to enter and store routine data monitoring;
  • Perform any other duties as required;

General Operations:

1. Implement Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

  • Provide technical expertise to program staff and partners to ensure effective measurement and evaluation of the Alliance Project to identify, track, and demonstrate results;
  • With the M&E Manager, clean, analyze and report on data;
  • Institute routine Project monitoring activities, including training feedback, focus groups, and small surveys. This includes programming instruments for tablet-based data collection;
  • Work with M&E Manager and the Country program team in monitoring and evaluation plan reporting;
  • Design and conduct training on monitoring, evaluation, and learning for local staff and partners;
  • Support all M&E initiatives for Project grant(s)/project(s), including monitoring data quality, tracking the progress of activities, and contributing to staff capacity building initiatives as necessary;
  • Coordinate with program staff and partner organizations, as needed, to ensure the Alliance’s effective participation in internal and external evaluations;
  • Conduct field data collection, research and/or training programs as needed;
  • Support knowledge management efforts to capture and disseminate important programmatic experiences and lessons learned based on M&E related evidence;
  • Collaborate on any updates to M&E systems;

2. Data Management

  • Develop and maintain data management systems for project M&E data;
  • Support Project/program staff on ways to properly document, organize and capture program progress;
  • Perform regular field visits to ensure the quality of data collected and to verify the accuracy of reported data;
  • Support M&E Manager to ensure that donor, partner, and government data queries are addressed in an accurate and timely manner;

Selection Criteria

We seek applicants with an interest in and ability to proactively manage multiple requests and jump in where needed. We seek candidates who can cultivate effective working relationships with people, internally and externally, from a wide variety of types of organizations, cultural backgrounds, and areas of expertise.

Most of all, we are seeking the following qualities which are fundamental to success, including:

  • Advanced degree in a field of study relevant to the Project is preferred;
  • Minimum 7 years of relevant professional experience in monitoring and evaluation;
  • Demonstrated experience with international development programs, including quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis;
  • Demonstrated understanding of the program theory-based approach to program design, monitoring, evaluation and learning for international development projects;
  • Demonstrated experience with data collection in Haiti;
  • Experience with qualitative data (in-depth interviews and/or focus groups) collection and analysis;
  • Capacity to produce high-quality briefs and reports in both French and English.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint;
  • Advanced Excel and other quantitative data management and analysis software skills are required;
  • Experience with database management;
  • Ability to design M&E tools, surveys, and monitoring systems;
  • Experience with programming for tablet-based data collection;
  • Demonstrated ability to train and strengthen the capacity of others;
  • An organized approached and ability to plan workload;
  • Commitment to facilitating a culture of learning across program teams;
  • Ability to demonstrate initiative while working within a team, and to develop and maintain effective working relationships with Alliance teams and UNF staff;
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships across a wide range of functional expertise, organizations, and cultural backgrounds, in a demanding and fluid work environment;
  • Ability to frequently travel within Haiti and internationally;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team and independently;
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills in English, French, and Haitian Creole;
  • Personal commitment to Clean Cooking Alliance and UN Foundation’s vision;
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