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This page should serve a collection of existing monitoring tools.

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Monitoring is an essential part of proper project management. On the one hand a proper monitoring system can support the project management by identifying project progress and delays. Hereby it enables project managers to act in time if necessary. On the other hand a strong monitoring systems provides the relevant data for reporting. Nowadays many projects are funded by public sources. In such cases (of course also in other) a public monitoring/reporting is applied. The level of public reporting depends on the purposes. However, even very basic monitoring information can strengthen the understanding of all involved stakeholders.
Monitoring reports can be done narrative, by number and tables or by graphics.

Existing Monitoring Tools

Maps Linked with Geographic Information System (GIS) Information

This following links show some examples of monitoring data linked with GIS data:

Online Monitoring of Construction of Biogas Digesters

  • SNV is using a nice online overview about the number of new biogas digesters per african country and month. Please have a look at: biogas4all

Web-based Monitoring Tools

  • WebMo: a web-based monitoring software for projects in the field of development cooperation


  • Before using any new software, please ensure that the "terms of use" are clear to you and that they don't conflict with your companies/organizantions rules
  • If a project website exists, in many cases a Content-Management-System (CMS) is used. Simply publishing images should be as easy as with google-sites then. However, there are better ways to publish and visualize data online using google-services. →Have a look at:
  • Depending on your technical infrastructure, report creating and publishing can be completely automated with some configuration and scripting.

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