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For implementing wind energy projects, various factors has to be considered. The information below explains the factors in detail.

Independent Power Producers (IPP)

Independent Power Producers (IPPs) or non-utility generator (NUG) are private entities (under unbundled market),which owns and or operates facilities to generate electricity and sell it to a utility, central government buyer and end users. IPPs may be privately-held facilities, cooperatives, and non -energy industrial concerns capable of feeding excess energy into the system.[1][2]. The IPPs also have to fulfill before they can invest into the energy projects.

Concessionary Finance

There are different models for financing wind energy projects like lease agreement, management contract, Build Operate Transfer (BOT) and so on.

Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

→ See Build Operate Transfer

Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT)

→ See Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT)

Build Own Operate Train Transfer (BOOTT)

→ See Build-Own-Operate-Train-Transfer (BOOTT)

Build Own Operate (BOO)

→ See Build Own Operate (BOO)

Build Operate Lease (BOL)

→ See Build Operate Lease (BOL)

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