Opportunity - Call for Abstracts EfA 2021: Aligning the Climate and SDG Agendas

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Call for Abstracts EfA 2021: Aligning the Climate and SDG Agendas
University of Sussex
Call for Papers/Abstracts

"In 2015, 175 states agreed to climate goals under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. That same year, 193 states also signed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Guided by these goals, a new ‘Post-2015’ era of sustainable development has commenced.

But as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on, urgent unfinished business piles up. Both the climate and SDG agendas require massive investments in new technology and infrastructure. Both will require transformative reforms in governance and management to ensure that these agendas are just and equitable. Which raises the question: In the face of shrinking resources during and after the pandemic, is it possible to coordinate and align these two huge efforts or must they compete for scarce resources?

We call out to the academic and international development communities to join us in this Symposium and provide evidence of policies and measures that jointly advance climate goals and other SDGs, that help to coordinate and accelerate the realisation of both the Paris Agreement and 2030 Agenda. We aim particularly to highlight actions for transformative change at the local, national and global levels that advance justice and ensure that no one is left behind."