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Call for Collaboration
Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA)
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As one of the fellow observer organisations, the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) have submitted our application for a Renewable Energy Action Pavilion for COP 28 and looking to share this opportunity if we get it. The REA is the largest pan-technology renewable energy trade body in the UK, we represent many different renewable energy and clean tech sectors such as wind, solar, energy storage, EV and its charging system, bioenergy with CCUS, green hydrogen and more. The key focus of our #REAction Pavilion is to champion immediate action to transfer the fossil fuel-based centralised energy system to a decentralised renewables-based system, some of the topics we want to cover are:
  • The main barriers to decarbonising our global energy system.
  • The immediately available CCUS technology in combination with a sustainable bioenergy source.
  • Decarbonise the most carbon-intensive industries such as the steel, cement and aviation industries and coal fire power plants.
  • A ‘just transition’ regarding jobs, community, access to energy and transitional finance.
  • Innovative technologies such as digital solutions to decarbonise popularised urban cities.

We are reaching out to you to learn your plans for COP and to find out if there are any opportunities for collaboration.

On the more practical side, our pavilion has an auditorium of 60 m2 and we have some availability to host talks and panel discussions, and we are looking for additional blue zone passes if anyone would like to help us to secure them for a reasonable compensation. If you have any mutually beneficial ideas or proposals, I would love to talk to you and find out more before the Blue Zone Pass application deadline of July 31st.