Opportunity - Call for Expression of Interest for international companies using a Fee-for-Service Model in Benin

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Call for Expression of Interest for international companies using a Fee-for-Service Model in Benin
Financial: (Tender)

Objectives of this call

Considering the high potential of Benin and the opportunities identified and supported by the GBE, the project intends to identify international companies using this model and potentially interested in operating in Benin. This call will give a first impression on the potential and interest of the international private sector using a Fee-For-Service model for stand-alone solar systems. GBE will be able to support individual companies settling in Benin and use the feedback from private companies to improve the current regulatory framework. If enough interest is expressed by the private sector, GBE would be open to launching a Results-Based Financing mechanism to disburse incentives for the electrification of social infrastructure through Fee-For-Service models in Benin.

Eligibility criteria
To be eligible for this expression of interest, the applicant should justify the skills, resources and financing they have in order to implement F4S business models in Benin in a sustainable way. Specifically, the applicant must be a legally registered entity (company, association, cooperative, etc.) governed by private law; have experience operating a F4S model for stand-alone solar systems, ideally in Sub-Saharan Africa; and be in good standing with the tax authorities in their respective countries.

Expression of interest documents
The call for expressions of interest is open to all companies that meet the above-mentioned conditions. The documents to be submitted must include: - a letter of interest duly signed by an authorized person; - a description of the company, their current operations, their financing and technical partners, number of existing clients, their approach, equipment types and technical features, the service level offered, the tariffs charged, and the duration of contracts.
Submission of documents

Companies that meet the above-mentioned conditions may submit their application directly to GBE Benin by e-mail at gbe.benin@giz.de and stanislas.kpoahoun@giz.de