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Opportunity - Call for Papers on the SDGDs: Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals Regional Perspectives

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Call for Papers on the SDGDs: Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals Regional Perspectives
Haw Hamburg
Call for Papers/Abstracts
The process leading to the implementation of the UN Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs) have been negatively influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The health crisis as a whole, and its substantial socio-economic impacts, in particular, have led to many setbacks. These vary from the emerging of competing priorities to restrictions in the availability of financial resources needed to implement the SDGs. The extent of this problem may be better understood if it is considered that there are at present doubts, as to whether the SDGs may be reached by 2030.

This state of affairs suggests that new - and innovative approaches- to support the implementation of the SDGs is needed. One of them is the support to regional implementation efforts across the various geographical regions, and the documentation and promotion of these experiences. It is also important to promote studies, research, projects and good practice, which illustrate how the SDGs may be implemented in practice.

It is against this background that the series "Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals- Regional Perspectives" is being produced. The Series aims to support the acceleration needed for the implementation of the SDGs, by mobilizing the academic community, industry and civil society by generating information and communicating on experiences focusing on the SDGs deemed as being most important for the world´s regions. The series entails four volumes, each looking at issues related to a geographical region:

Volume 1- the Americas and Caribbean Region Volume 2- the Asia and Pacific Region Volume 3- the Africa and the Middle East Region

Volume 4- the European Region