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Call for Proposals
The EnAccess Foundation
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CALL FOR PROPOSALS! We are looking to fund innovations or solutions that enhance the impact of energy access.

Funding is available for open source projects that have the potential to create shared solutions for problems that are commonly faced across the energy access industry.

We work with partners that share our enthusiasm for efficiency and collaboration to accelerate universal energy access around the world. The projects we fund are sector-building and are published completely open source. We see an opportunity to have a much bigger impact in the energy access sector if we try innovative, risk-taking ideas and share the results widely with ready-to-use materials. In this call for proposals, we want to see ideas that fit those criteria.

Submit your project proposals here: https://enaccess.org/submit/

PS! We select projects and distribute funding on a rolling basis - it's a good idea to get those proposals in sooner rather than later. Questions? Leave a comment or reach out via email (info@enaccess.org)