Opportunity - Call for papers for the GBEP Youth Award 2023

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Call for papers for the GBEP Youth Award 2023
Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP)
Call for Papers/Abstracts
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Every year, the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) organizes a Bioenergy Week (**more info available on GBEP below), each time in a different region, to enhance learning from positive experiences on sustainable production and use of bioenergy integrated within food production value chains, and to support the design and implementation of bioenergy policies in the region in which the Bioenergy Week is held. Associated with each year’s Bioenergy Week, GBEP hosts a Youth Award to increase youth participation in the activities of GBEP and create opportunities to highlight young people’s research on bioenergy. The Youth Award showcases outstanding research related to bioenergy by three students – one Bachelor, one Master, and one Ph.D. – focused on the region hosting that year’s GBEP Bioenergy Week, where winning candidates will present their research and will be awarded a certificate during a special session.

In light of the Bioenergy Week in Viet Nam in October 2023, GBEP has opened the call for papers for the GBEP Youth Award 2023, welcoming applications from students in the Asia and Pacific. Thus, we kindly ask for your support to share this call for papers with research institutions, academic centers, or universities in your region to provide as many young students as possible with the exciting opportunity to give visibility to their research on bioenergy.

To apply, students are only required to download and fill in the application form, and send it to gbep-secretariat@fao.org along with a poster that provides a visual overview of their research.