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Digital Energy Facility: 2021 Call for Projects
Call for Papers/Abstracts

The first annual Call for Projects opened on 6 April 2021, and is part of a four-year Digital Energy Challenge. Three other calls will follow. By targeting key energy players in the digital and energy ecosystem, both start-ups and public power utilities in partnership with technology service providers, the Challenge will directly support the development of innovative solutions for better energy access and utility performance improvement.

The 2021 Call for Projects has a geographical scope of sub-Saharan Africa* and in addition to focusing on innovative technologies, will foster synergies and local partnerships between utility companies and private energy players to encourage sharing of know-how and best practices. It is aimed at public energy operators and start-ups that support digital innovation in the energy sector in sub-Saharan Africa. For the first year of the Challenge, the themes are:

1. For start-ups:

  • Services to the grid
  • Innovative clean energy solutions, equipment and appliances for SMEs (productive use)
  • New/innovative digital solutions for Energy Access businesses

2. For utilities in partnership with innovative technology/service providers:

  • Universal energy access
  • Quality of service management
  • Solutions offering a high integration rate of renewable energy into power systems
Further details: https://www.afd.fr/en/actualites/call-projects-boost-digital-innovation-energy-sector?fbclid=IwAR3XX6VzEApZRCg6PgUzgKjhKag45A5oAPW_YVbIXZ8e9i-7QfT1_4U6Buc%C2%A0