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Energy for Food Security WFP Niger innovation challenge
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  • Cooking
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  • Niger
In Niger, communities face significant challenges of food insecurity and vulnerability due to climatic risks like droughts, floods and rising temperatures, coupled with environmental degradation and water scarcity. Heightened insecurity and the spillage of conflicts from neighboring countries into Niger exacerbate these issues, leading to forced displacements. A total of 3.3 million people are acutely food insecure.

To address these challenges, WFP Niger in collaboration with the WFP Innovation Accelerator is launching a call for applications for innovative solutions supporting the Energy for Food Security programme. This initiative aims to identify and scale cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for cooking and agricultural practices across crisis-affected and stable regions of Niger.

We invite global and regional innovators, entrepreneurs and organizations to contribute impactful and fit-for-purpose solutions that can enhance energy access in vulnerable areas, fostering improved livelihoods and resilience. The WFP Innovation Accelerator and WFP Niger will provide comprehensive support to selected teams, facilitating the development and scaling of promising solutions. Our focus is on nurturing innovations that are not only novel but also sustainable and scalable, capable of bringing long-term change within challenging environments.​​