Opportunity - Global LEAP+RBF Appliance Monitoring & Verification

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Global LEAP+RBF Appliance Monitoring & Verification
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The Global LEAP+RBF aims to catalyze the uptake of high quality super-efficient appliances by 1) Lowering the cost to procure large volumes of best-in-class off-grid appliances for early mover off-grid solar companies, and 2) Facilitating new business partnerships for appliance suppliers that have invested in the production of high-quality off-grid appliances.

To date, four rounds of the Global LEAP+RBF have been executed catalyzing procurement and distribution of over 280,000 best-in-class off-grid TVs, Fans, Refrigerators, Solar Water pumps (SWP) and Electric Pressure Cookers (EPC’s) across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Senegal, and Bangladesh between 2017 and 2020, providing new or enhanced energy access to more than 1,300,000 people.

Currently, CLASP is implementing a fourth scaled -pilot round of the Global LEAP+RBF program which will provide Results-based Financing incentives to encourage off-grid energy companies to purchase and market efficient Electric Pressure Cookers in Kenya.

In support of this mechanism, CLASP is engaging an organization to provide support on the M&E activities component of this mechanism. Verification of appliance sales to end users will be an integral part of the M&E process and is expected to leverage the collection of additional insights on the impact of appliance purchase and use that will be beneficial to CLASP, its partners, participating companies and key off-grid market stakeholders in Kenya and beyond.