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IKEM Academy 2023
IKEM Academy
Training Courses (Duration: 5 days)
  • Other
  • Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy

IKEM Academy is an interdisciplinary, international and innovative programme organised annually in close collaboration with the University of Greifswald. For 2 decades, it has served as a leading international forum for highly qualified researchers and professionals who work in energy- and/or climate-related fields.

The Academy’s teaching faculty consists of renowned researchers, professors, industry representatives and government officials with expertise in the programme topic.

This year’s 5-day programme features interdisciplinary seminars, panel discussions, a site visit and interactive workshops. As a participant, you’ll have an opportunity to collaborate with others in climateand energy-related fields as you:

  • apply the principles of design thinking to create a sustainable city
  • visit a renewable energy site to see how local energy solutions can become global success stories
  • learn how inclusive policy-making can build consensus around sustainable development
  • design a hypothetical climate lawsuit to increase climate ambition
  • find out how cities are increasing local climate resilience
  • see how artists and digital innovators are pioneering unique methods to inspire climate action
Apply here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=9svKEVvxyEuq6D17ySz3RDUVD4SN6VJDoY1WTLIeBmpUNkJJMDVWRklENzlPODBOVTBRSlpVVDBBTy4u