Opportunity - Innovation Competition - Decentralised Energy Solutions in Ethiopia

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Innovation Competition - Decentralised Energy Solutions in Ethiopia
Energiekooperation - Ethiopia-Germany

Ethiopia has abundant renewable energy resources and has the potential to generate over 60,000 megawatts (MW) of electric power from hydro, wind, solar and geothermal sources. As a result of Ethiopia’s rapid economic and population growth over the past years, demand for electricity has been steadily increasing. Despite Ethiopia’s vast energy potential and economic growth, more than 50% of the Ethiopian people still lack access to electricity, most of them living in rural areas. Several state-led initiatives have been launched to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7 in Ethiopia, such as the National Electrification Plan (NEP 2.0) aiming at universal electricity access by the year 2025, of which 35% will be achieved with off-grid solutions. Six million rural households without grid connectivity shall be provided access with off-grid electricity systems. Clean energy solutions provide reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy for essential services, including healthcare, water and food supply and can help overcome challenges imposed by the current COVID-19 crisis. To support this effort, the German-Ethiopian Energy Cooperation Programme is seeking innovative business ideas by Ethiopian students, researchers and entrepreneurs.