Opportunity - SOLTRAIN Solar Thermal Project Support Scheme for Postgraduate Students

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SOLTRAIN Solar Thermal Project Support Scheme for Postgraduate Students
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The Southern African Solar Thermal Training & Demonstration Initiative (SOLTRAIN) Student Project Support Scheme for postgraduate studies undertaken in the first half of 2022. Students from all SOLTRAIN partner countries (Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe) are invited to apply for funding of up to 2 500 Euro. All postgraduate studies that deal with topics of solar thermal energy are eligible for funding. However, submissions on the topics listed below will be given priority.

1. Potential analysis for solar thermal systems in the South African and Mozambican health sector.

2. Potential analyses for solar thermal systems at educational or social institutions (for example high school and student residences, orphanages and homes for retired people).

3. Potential analyses of solar thermal systems in the tourism sector.

4. Analysis of measurement data from selected systems from the SOLTRAIN project.

5. Any topics related to the use of solar thermal technologies for heating/drying/cooling in industrial applications.

6. Documentation and analysis of mass housing programmes with mandatory installation of solar water heaters (only Namibia and South Africa).