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Tender RFP 113-2021 Solar Power Solutions
Norwegian Church Aid

Norwegian Church Aid are reissuing the subject tender. Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals as described below. Parties that submitted proposals for the previous tender are invited to resubmit. The revised tender documents will be available as of 26 July 2021.


Norwegian Church Aid –Ethiopia is launching an International Open Tender for a framework agreement and invites interested suppliers/s to participate in the procurement procedure:

Design of small-scale solar development projects Supply and installation of quality solar equipment Training of personnel and communities in solar technology

1. All the goods and services are for development projects in Ethiopia in interventions supported by the Norwegian Government and other international donors. 2. All goods purchased through any subsequent contract will be delivered as per Incoterms 2020 DAP. 3. The offered prices shall be quoted in EURO. Offers in other currencies will be converted to Euro at the rate as quoted by https://www1.oanda.com/currency/converter/ on the deadline date. 4. Contracts may not be awarded to Candidates who, during this procedure: i) are subject to conflict of interest ii) are guilty of misrepresentation in supplying the information required by the Contracting Authority as a condition of participation in the Contract procedure or fail to supply this information 5. The evaluation of offers will be based on the overall proposal, taking into consideration the criteria as listed in the tender documentation. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to award the Framework Agreement to the Candidate whose proposal best suites the Contracting Authorities interest. 6. All offers, in English language only, must be delivered in accordance with the instructions contained in the tender dossier before 27 August 2021 16:00hrs EAT. Late bids will be rejected. Applicants with questions regarding this tender should send them in writing to sinetsehay.hailu@nca.no up to Friday 20 August 2021 16:00hrs EAT. Responses will be provided by 22 August 2021 16:00hrs EAT.

7. Tender documents are available through the following link: