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WFP Innovation Challenge 2022
World Food Programme (WFP)
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Apply to receive up to US $100,000 in equity-free funding, mentorship and access to the world’s largest humanitarian organization.

Every year we host multiple Innovation Challenge campaigns with particular themes. We encourage people to apply with innovative ideas in line with these challenges. We also have a rolling application process to accept and review applications multiple times throughout the year. Please look out for specific challenges or submit your project to be reviewed on a rolling basis.

We’ve launched the WFP Innovation Challenge 2022 in search of game-changing innovations to tackle the climate crisis.

Climate change is a risk multiplier for hunger. In a world that is 2°C warmer than pre-industrial times, at least 189 million more people are at risk of becoming food insecure. As a result of global warming, weather-related shocks such as drought, storms, and floods are increasing in number and frequency, causing growing losses and damages to food systems. In developing countries, the number of extreme weather events has more than doubled since the early 1990s.

Eradicating hunger requires bold efforts to improve communities’ resilience to external shocks and local and national institutions’ capacities to adapt to the impacts of climate change. This year's WFP Innovation Challenge seeks disruptive innovations that strengthen climate change adaptation in food systems and enable greater community resilience.

Application Deadline: 26 June 2022 11:59 pm (CEST)

Further details: https://docs.wfp.org/api/documents/WFP-0000140122/download/?_ga=2.269351225.915923270.1655456805-1303046632.1655456805