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The Output-Based Aid/Results-Based Financing Community of Practice (OBA/RBF CoP) is a membership based group of RBF enthusiasts interested in innovative development financing mechanisms focusing on results. The OBA/RBF CoP is sponsored by the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA).

Online Collaborative Space

The OBA/RBF CoP hosts an online collaborative space for sharing, peer learning and collaboration with RBF practitioners and interested professionals. The community fosters open discussion and knowledge exchange serving as the place for accessing expertise on RBF projects, creating meaningful exchange among community members, and soliciting feedback from peers who work with RBF instruments. Featured online activities include e-discussions, webinars and blogs. Content not only pertains to different RBF instruments, but also to their application to development sectors including energy, water and sanitation, solid waste management, education, health, and education. Becoming a member gives you access to these RBF resources, such as relevant publications and news, as well as opportunities to network with members.

In addition to the online collaborative space, the OBA/RBF CoP provides a variety of face-to-face networking opportunities, such as workshops, trainings, Brown-Bag-Lunches. As a part of its mandate, OBA/RBF CoP also fosters partnerships with other relevant communities within the World Bank, as well as external organizations which are involved in RBF. The community membership has been steadily growing since its inception with over 250 members.

Join the community

Join the community by following the link here: https://collaboration.worldbank.org/groups/output-based-aid-cop-oba-cop

The online space is hosted on the World Bank Group’s “Collaboration for Development” (C4D) platform which is a secure social collaboration platform focused on development issues.

Featured Resources on the OBA/RBF Community of Practice

  1. List of Energy Related documents
  2. Webinars This webinar series introduces innovative financing mechanisms that contribute to development solutions, linking needs, objectives and actual results. This series will focus on Results-based financing (RBF), in particular, which has emerged as an important tool for financing basic services because it changes the focus from inputs – funding given in advance for expected results – to verified outputs.
    Solar Irrigation: https://collaboration.worldbank.org/servlet/JiveServlet/showImage/102-11973-13-12303/Capture.PNG
  3. Ediscussion on Disaster Risk Management And Climate Resilience: Opportunities and Challenges for Applying RBF ApproachesClimate Change:Achieving Transformational Change in Climate Change Mitigation Through Results-Based Financing

Featured Resources on the GPOBA website

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  2. OBA in Infrastructure: The Experience So Far
  3. GPOBA-funded projects support efforts to mitigate effects of climate change
  4. Climate Finance and Results-Based Financing
  5. Uganda Grid-Based Output-Based Aid Project
  6. Decentralized Electricity for Universal Access in Bolivia
  7. Improving Rural Energy Access through Solar Home Systems in Ghana
  8. Nepal Biogas Support
  9. Ethiopia: Electricity Access Rural Expansion Project
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