Partial Risk Sharing Facility for Energy Efficiency (PRSF) Project - India

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Partial Risk Sharing Facility for Energy Efficiency (PRSF) Project - India

Title of Document Partial Risk Sharing Facility for Energy Efficiency (PRSF) Project - India
Abstract The objective of the Partial Risk Sharing Facility for Energy Efficiency (PRSF) Project is to assist India in achieving energy savings with mobilization of commercial finance and participation of energy service companies. This project consists of two components. The first component supports establishing and operating the Facility to provide Sub-Guarantees to Sub-Financiers and developing energy efficiency markets through end-to-end solutions and measurement and verification (M&V) activities.

The partial risk sharing facility for energy efficiency is managed by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), funded from a Global Environment Facility (GEF) contribution and backstopped by a Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Guarantee, in the form of contingent finance. Component two supports technical assistance, capacity building, and operations support comprising, among other things, the following activities: i. Carrying out market development, Project management, awareness building, and outreach to beneficiaries and stakeholders. ii. Undertaking legal due diligence and dispute resolution involving Sub-Projects. iii. Developing and maintaining the Facility’s website and online presence; a management information system; and other reporting systems. iv. Developing standard appraisal and transaction documents, reporting templates, energy efficient guidelines, strengthening Project report generation, capacity building and training, and online support. v. Providing technical assistance and capacity building for Participating Financial Institutions, Energy Service Companies, and Beneficiaries.

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Original Source World Bank
Year 2015
Region/Country South Asia - India
Language(s) English
Document Type Project Financing - Examples of Economic and Financial Analysis
Sector Multisector

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