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A Pocket-Hydro is a mini power plant providing decentralized, basic electric power.

  • Aim is the provision of affordable electric lighting through the use of local water energy in remote rural areas.
  • Idea and first prototype emerged in 2007 at pt. Entec in Indonesia.
  • Progress: Since Summer 2013 students and staff of OTH Regensburg developed various pre-production models, under the direction of Hr. Schickhuber and Mr. Chiaradia. Suitable prototypes are tested and measured at the in-house test stand.
  • In 2015 students of OTH Amberg-Weiden improved suitable testing facilities as well as the turbines flow desing under professional assistance..
Pocket Hydro Scheme


A hand-wide stream suffices as source of energy for lighting and small appliances. The cost of turbine and generator are lower than for solar cells, also no battery is required. Installation and operation are simple, so the equipment can be sold "over the counter".
Brass Prop


Key Data

  • Prerequisite is access to a stream with ~ 1 liter / second; at a slope of <2 m
  • Current output suffice el. lighting, cell phone , radio [4 - 10 W]
  • Optional upgrade with battery powers a TV [100-250 Wh / day]
  • Complete selling price including lamps : USD 50 (targeted)
  • Lifetime > 5 years ⇒ lighting costs / household <1 USD / month

Affordability (<50 USD):

  • Long service life of turbine, generator and LED lamps
  • Reduced cable length from the turbine to the house
  • Basic supply without battery (hardly any wear / environmental impact)
  • Minimized manufacturing costs by use of injection molded plastics

"Over the Counter" Product

Easy and understandable, suitable for use in remote regions:

  • Private operation, so no user associations required
  • Non-hazardous voltages - safe handling by laymen
  • Robust , simple, portable, modular (repairable, upgradeable)
  • Simple water-supply, -management and -filtering due to the small amounts required

Adapted to Local Needs

  • Minimized requirements allow the utilisation of even small potentials; 1 l/s at 2 meters is quite often available
  • The diversion of water to the house saves connection cable
  • Easy installation and operation allow the direct sales

Project Examples

Completion of a prototype by mid-2016 , with the following characteristics:

  • Minimum of 50 % efficiency (total) in 0,5 - 1 l / s of water @ 2 m
  • Design of complete system includes lights, cables , switches , pipes, filters , ...
  • Field tests of the first small series from 2017

Contact: pocket-hydro@gmx.net

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