Powering Agriculture with Renewable Energy

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Project title

Powering Agriculture with Renewable Energy

Project country/region

☐ East Asia & Pacific
☐ Europe & Central Asia
☐ Latin America & The Carribean
☐ Middle East & North Africa
☐ North America
☐ South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa - Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Project organisation

Ariya Capital Group Limited (Kenya)

Project description


Ariya’s project will provide end to end cost-effective, low-risk renewable energy generation and energy efficiency services to local flower and horticulture farms in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. These services will be structured to minimize the up-front investment required by farmers. A mixed technology approach, using various DRE and energy efficiency solutions, will allow flexibility in designing energy systems tailored for each user.


The project will provide flower farms and horticulture groups with dependable, cost effective, green energy solutions, which ultimately impact their bottom line. Increased reliability of power will allow farmers to use more sophisticated techniques, such as hydroponics and aeroponics, which lead to improved productivity and reduced water usage. Beneficial impacts will include reduced carbon emissions thus allowing East African horticulture exporters to retain their competitive edge by neutralizing the carbon cost of flying their produce to European markets, on-demand power production, potential return of surplus power to the grid, and job creation.


Ariya Capital Group (Ariya) is an experienced fund manager that develops, structures, invests, and manages clean energy and infrastructure projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Ariya has partnered with African Solar Designs (ASD), a Kenya-based renewable and rural energy company, and Windfire, a UK-based renewable energy company that provides medium-scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine solutions for the Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) sector.

Ariya Capital Group Limited (Kenya) participated successfully in the PAEGC Initiative (https://poweringag.org/) and was with its project 'Powering Agriculture with Renewable Energy' among the winners of 2015.

Project related to following sources of energy


☐ Biomass

☐ Biofuel

☐ Biogas


☐ Geo-Thermal

☐ Hydro

☐ Energy Efficiency

☐ Other: /

Project primarily related to the following Commodity Groups

☐ Cereals

☐ Fruits and vegetables

☐ Nuts and berries

☐ Forage

☐ Dairy products

☐ Meat products

☐ Oil Seeds

☐ Roots and Tubers

☐ Eggs

☐ Pulses

☐ Fiber Crops

☐ Forestry

☐ Sugars

☐ Stimulants

☐ Spices

Other: Horticulture

Project primarily related to the following Agricultural Value Chain Steps

☐ Mechanization

☐ Efficiency of Operation

☐ Processing

☐ Transportation

☐ Controlled Atmosphere

☐ Controlled Temperature

☐ Mechanical Sorting

☐ Preservation

Other: Decentralized Power

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