Producing Methane Gas From Effluent

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Producing Methane Gas from Effluent

Title Producing Methane Gas from Effluent
Author Luke Jenangi
Year 2010
Topics Anaerobic Digestion
Waste Treatment
Document Type Study & Report
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Language(s) English
Abstract Biodigesters can play a vital role in integrated farming systems by contributing to the control of pollution and at the same time add value to livestock manure. The impact of the low-cost biodigester is variable. Adoption of the technique and successful results depend on aspects such as location (availability of traditional fuel) and the way in which the technology is introduced, adapted and improved according to local conditions. Transparent polyethylene tubular film digesters, like the one this project used, provide a cheap and simple way to produce gas. They can appeal to small farmers because of low installation cost and also because of environmental advantages. The technology can be applied in rural or urban areas. The technology has been developed sufficiently to justify large- scale implementation in countries where socio-economic conditions facilitate its rapid adoption, such as has occurred in Vietnam and Cambodia. Nevertheless, research should continue in close consultation with users so that the technology continues to improve.

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