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Programme Manager, MEL

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Job title
Programme Manager, MEL
  • Austria
Europe and Central Asia
Type of job
temporary contract
12 months
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Job description
Objective of Assignment

The main objectives of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Team are:

  • Excellent Client Services - Provide high-quality MEL services across the organization, through Leadership Team, internal and external programmes and globally amongst partners and global programmes.
  • MEL Framework - Design and implement, then continuously learn to improve a MEL Framework across the organization, starting with Organizational Theory of Change, Organizational KPIs, customized MEL *Frameworks for each external and as appropriate internal RO.
  • Continuous improvement of MEL Tools across the organization - Theory of Change, Log frames, learning and impact databases, KPI Management Tools, MEL developed into proposal writing.
  • Capacity Building for MEL Strategy, Framework and Tools across the organization - facilitating MEL in all programmes while building the MEL capacity in all ROs, from proposal writing, to reporting, to learning loops.
  • Donor Reporting - Processes and associated cross-Organizational processes streamlined; evaluations, learning loops, earmarked, core, streamlined reporting templates and management tools, contract analysis to ensure negotiation of new MEL requirements and capturing of those requirements in associated process and management tools.

Purpose/Objective of the Role

The main objectives of the role include:

  • Advise the organization, strategic and operational development on all aspects of MEL, particularly the CEO, Leadership Team, Programme Leads and associated staff
  • Ensure high quality and consistent implementation of all key MEL processes, associated tools and methodologies across the organization and its programmes
  • Ensure the delivery of high quality, on time donor deliverables and reporting in alignment with SEforALL’s Business Plan, and all donor contracts from core to earmarked / programme specific
  • Lead on business development from a MEL perspective for all strategies, proposals, and associated new programmes
  • Provide line management, guidance and overall capacity building and quality assurance of SEforALL MEL processes and deliverables

Duties and Tasks for the Role

The main duties and tasks of the role include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead and advise on the further strategic development, refinement, and implementation of the SEforALL MEL Strategy and Framework, including continuous efficiency and innovation of associated tools and processes
  • Strategic advice and collaborative design of cross organizational processes amongst internal and external programmes, institutionalizing and monitoring protocols across the organization
  • Manage the MEL Budget and associated work plan; advise on MEL budget required in different programmes and associated proposals
  • Advise and quality assurance of MEL contribution to SEforALL’s business development and fundraising efforts, particularly proposal writing, ensuring all proposals and associated contracts align with the organization’s MEL Framework (and those of each programme)
  • Overall responsible that all donor reports are delivered on time, of the highest quality and showing impact wherever possible
  • Lead the organization in continuous improvement of internal and external reporting processes
  • Manage SEforALL’s evaluation strategy and associated organizational and programme evaluations in coordination with the Leadership Team and programme leads.
  • Advise the organization on course corrections and best practices in response to evaluations and organizational learnings, monitoring Leadership Team performance, decisions, and implementation of them, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Represent SEforALL externally on all areas of MEL Strategy and Framework, collaborating and sharing learnings and best practices with other leading organizations in the sector on MEL, including international events and forging external partnerships with other MEL experts and departments
  • Performance appraisals, continuous evolution and support of SEforALL MEL staff and team through a positive, supportive learning approach
  • Other tasks and duties as may be required.

Specific Competencies for the Role

  • A minimum of 10 years’ demonstrated experience leading the design and implementation of MEL *Strategies and Frameworks across international development programmes and organizations
  • Completed Master's degree plus relevant skills and professional training. Additional further qualifications preferable.
  • Strong track record in fundraising, business development and associated proposal writing, KPI development and alignment of these processes with an organization’s operations
  • Substantial demonstrated experience advising Leadership and Management Teams, at organizational and programme level
  • A strong track record in people and team management, with a dedicated focus on team cohesion, professional growth and transparency amongst the team
  • Demonstrated experience implementing programmes, projects and associated research in the energy sector a strong asset
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Demonstrated experience managing evaluation strategies, associated evaluations and impact assessments across international programmes and projects; designing, analyzing and synthesizing evaluations to contribute to the organization’s Theory of Change and associated KPIs
  • Significant demonstrated experience in developing, implementing and managing monitoring and evaluation systems for global programs and organizations specifically.

General Competences for the Role

  • Innovation and Adaptability: Has expert skills and commitment to search for and produce innovative and creative approaches to activities. Is flexible to evolving circumstances, as well as proactively helps others in doing so.
  • Resilience and Emotional Intelligence: Has expert knowledge in the concepts of resilience and emotional intelligence. Actively promotes resilience and emotional intelligence in their team. Is able to remain calm in challenging situations, to cope with setbacks, is responsive to the emotions of others and maintains a very high level of performance.
  • Analytical and Strategic Thinking: Has an expert level of analytical and strategic thinking skills. *Gathers and processes demanding information, develops innovative solutions and contributes by presenting topics/approaches in cross functional groups as well as decision making teams. Uses business analytics to develop and propose programme priorities/objectives.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: Promotes effective collaboration with colleagues within and across teams, partners and stakeholders and advises leadership team/CEO on valuable operational, strategic, technical and financial partnerships with relevant stakeholders. Actively builds and maintains effective relationships at various levels inside and outside the organisation.
  • Lead and Empower: Understands clearly their people management role. Serves as a role model when managing and supervising others. Provides their team with clear direction. Effective, with support, at prioritising the empowerment, coaching, mentorship and performance management of others
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