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2021 Appliance Data Trends

Efficiency for Access
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January 2021
Improving the performance and affordability of off-grid appliances and equipment can help make critical income-generating and time-saving devices more accessible to consumers in developing economies. A typical household in sub-Saharan Africa owns 2-5 appliances, compared to the 30+ appliances found in a typical European or North American household. Achieving greater parity in appliance ownership could enable households and businesses in developing countries to realise significant productivity and quality of life improvements. The inaugural 2018 Appliance Data Trends report presented the first snapshot of energy efficiency, product performance and market trends for off-grid appropriate appliances. Since then, the market has grown substantially. The 2021 Appliance Data Trends report builds on the 2018 iteration and presents updated product performance, energy efficiency, and pricing trends for off-grid appropriate televisions, fans, refrigerators, solar water pumps and early market insights for electric pressure cookers.