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A Practical Introduction to Solar Irrigation
PRACTICA Foundation

Published in
June 2022
This technical training is a practical step-by-step guide for sizing small-scale solar irrigation.

It includes practical methods and tips to design solar-powered irrigation systems up-until 1Ha and provides the basic steps to design larger irrigation systems. It is a tool aiming at building the capacity of the actors of the solar irrigation ecosystem, and was designed as a part of a training provided by Practica to technicians, vocational trainers, and end-users. Sizing an irrigation system is a long term investment. Some recommend to make very precise calculations to have the highest efficiency possible. In this training booklet, we adopt a more practical approach based on the idea that resources and needs vary. Within a year, water availability and crop requirements evolve continuously. Additionally, surfaces cultivated, labour available or market demand might evolve from one year to the next.

Because of that, we believe that building the capacity of the farmer by providing simple tools and skills is more efficient than building extremely precise and efficient irrigation systems that lack flexibility or adaptability. In this guide, we intend to make a simple and yet, safe estimation of the resources available and irrigation needs during the most critical period of the year, and to provide the necessary tools and knowledge allowing users to make choices and adaptations according to their preference.