Publication - A Roadmap For Energy Access in Displacement Settings: Kenya

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A Roadmap For Energy Access in Displacement Settings: Kenya
Philip Sandwell, Megan Täuber, Nyayow Deng Chuol
Published in
August 2023
Globally, over 100 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Amongst those living in camps and settlements, more than 80% rely on cooking with firewood over open fires whilst over 90% lack access to electricity. Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7) calls for universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all by 2030 – including communities affected by displacement. Rapid progress is required to achieve this ambitious goal.

The Roadmaps for Energy Access in Displacement Settings (READS) Programme aims to support the achievement of SDG 7 in ten countries, including in Kenya. The country hosts a total population of concern (PoC) of 588,724 people, of which 511,467 (87%) are refugees and 77,257 (13%) are asylum seekers. The term ‘refugees’ is used to include all People of Concern throughout this report for brevity.

This report summarises the status of energy access in displacement settings in Kenya with a focus on Kakuma and Kalobeyei due to the relative availability of relevant resources. It provides an overview of the

stakeholders working towards SDG 7 and presents opportunities for high-impact projects to support increased access to sustainable energy for displaced people and host communities.