Publication - A Roadmap for Energy Access in Displacement Settings: Uganda

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A Roadmap for Energy Access in Displacement Settings: Uganda
Megan Täuber, Philip Sandwell, Epa Ndahimana
Published in
October 2023
This report presents the status of sustainable energy access for refugee and host community households, businesses and community facilities in displacement settings in Uganda. It provides an overview of the stakeholders working towards SDG 7, and highlights opportunities for high-impact projects to support increased access to sustainable energy for displaced people and host communities.

This report – the second of three in the READS Programme’s first phase – was written in partnership with Mercy Corps and is based in large part on input received during a stakeholder engagement workshop that was held in Arua in March 2023.

Uganda offers great potential to improve access to sustainable energy in displacement settings. The country offers a progressive and welcoming environment towards both refugees and sustainable energy, boosted by the Sustainable Energy Response Plan (SERP), and a wide range of organisations work in displacement settings on energy-focused projects. Whilst many clean cooking and electricity access projects are relatively small and locally focused, they show promise for replication and wider scale-up across the country.