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A német energiafordulat [Hungarian]
Federal Foreign Office
Federal Foreign Office
Published in
October 2018
Germany has decided to switch its entire energy supply to renewables and to become increasingly energy efficient. In this way, the country is playing a major role in climate protection. The Energiewende is the German answer to the question of how the energy supply can become secure, affordable and sustainable. Transforming the energy system is a unique opportunity: It will open up new opportunities for business and investment, foster innovation, create jobs, boost growth and decrease the dependency on oil and gas imports.

The German Government is very often asked about the Energiewende. At the same time, many people are surprised by the dimensions of the project and by how many aspects it involves. Therefore, the German Federal Foreign Office has decided to present the wide-ranging tasks and challenges of the Energiewende in a travelling exhibition. Since 2016, the exhibition has been shown at more than 120 locations in 45 countries. The present brochure is available in 25 languages and includes the key content of the travelling exhibition. It both illustrates the history of the German Energiewende and addresses fundamental aspects for a global energy transition, such as renewable energies, energy efficiency, and grid infrastructure.

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