Publication - Building Capacity: HEED Skills Audit and Recommendations.

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Building Capacity: HEED Skills Audit and Recommendations.
Humanitarian Engineering and Energy for Displacement (HEED) Project, Coventry University
Halford, Alison
Published in
March 2021
This report aims to explore how HEED approached and delivered capacity building for the research team, project partners and the communities the team worked within Rwanda and Nepal. This report’s purpose is threefold: first, to be evidential on how HEED planned, delivered and captured impact around capacity building so similar projects can develop best practice when skills development is a key deliverable. Second, to encourage other energy projects to document the impact while working with communities that recognise the tacit and dynamic aspects of knowledge production, not only the more explicit aspects. Third, suggest recommendations to support a skills-led approach to capacity building in energy projects that provides personal and professional development opportunities to deepen knowledge production and impact