Publication - Clean Cooking Alliance 2021 Annual Report

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Clean Cooking Alliance 2021 Annual Report
Clean Cooking Alliance
Clean Cooking Alliance
Published in
March 2022
CCA’s 2021 Annual Report highlights other major moments from the year, including: The launch of a Clean Cooking Energy Compact – already endorsed by more than 60 governments, investors, and other organizations — to unlock the SDGs and net-zero; Through its Venture Catalyst program, CCA’s partnership on more than 30 projects with 20 portfolio companies operating in 12 countries (five are showcased in the report); The U.S. Government’s recommitment to CCA and to clean cooking, followed by the introduction of the bipartisan Clean Cooking Support Act in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; As part of its Systems Strategy work, CCA’s launch of the Delivery Units Network, which will establish teams within governments to run local delivery units dedicated to achieving ambitious and equitable national clean cooking plans; Working with the World Resources Institute and partners, the development of the Clean Cooking Explorer, a first-of-its-kind geospatial energy planning platform focused on clean cooking data; In Haiti, the launch of a tool to help inform government agencies on how to best utilize forest resources; Funding new research that addressed crucial information gaps on the impacts of household air pollution from cooking and heating on the health of infants; and The launch of the inaugural Women in Clean Cooking mentorship program cohort, in partnership with SEforALL and the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition.