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Clean Energy Mini-Grid Policy Development Guide
Alliance for Rural Electrification
Alliance for Rural Electrification
Published in
March 2021
Mini-grids have been identified as a critical tool towards achieving universal electricity access by governments, donors and private sector actors alike. To enable the sustainable deployment of mini-grids, the public and private sector need to cooperate. Policies and regulations which support the most suitable mini-grid delivery models need to be developed to allow the sector to scale. The Clean Energy Mini-Grid Policy Development Guide, developed in partnership by ARE, AMDA, UNIDO, INENSUS and the AfDB Green Mini-Grid Help Desk, outlines the various forms and models that public-private cooperation could take and reflects on the outcomes of policy decisions on mini-grid deployment.

While the guide is not exhaustive, it provides an overview of the most important aspects of mini-grid policy, with the aim of supporting policy makers to accelerate mini-grid deployment and to help guide national debates and decision making on rural electrification policies and frameworks.

The guide incorporates lessons learnt from existing mini-grid policies and regulations and presents the key decisions that need to be taken by policymakers in designing the most appropriate mini-grid framework for their country. A decision tree designed for policymakers outlines which combination of key decisions leads to which outcome.