Publication - Dispelling the Myths: Renewables in the Grid

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Dispelling the Myths: Renewables in the Grid
International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
Steven Meyers, David Renné, Eicke Weber, Paulette Middleton, Monica Oliphant, Roberto Román, Ben Elliston, Klaus Vajen, Marcelo Pinho Almeida, Thanasis Avramis, Mark Diesendorf, Marissa Walzer, Stefanie Szabo-Halfar, Jennifer McIntosh, Arabella Liehr & Eric Card
Published in
December 2018
Around the world, renewable electricity generation by solar and wind is increasing at exponential rates, with shares approaching 50% or more in some countries. New ways to manage energy generation, transmission, distribution, and storage are being established, as well as how to best manage the integration of new renewable electricity with traditional, centralized energy sources, such as coal, gas and nuclear power plants.

Yet, commonly claimed short comings regarding renewable energy and especially their successful integration in to the grid often make it hard when discussing the urgent need for an energy transformation based on the renewables.

For this, the International Solar Energy Society has developed a series of infographics to clarify some commonly claimed shortcomings about renewable energy.