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Publication - Electric Pressure Cooker Usability Testing Buyer's Guide

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Electric Pressure Cooker Usability Testing Buyer's Guide
Efficiency for Access
Global LEAP Awards
Published in
May 2021
Electric pressure cooker (EPC) product design does not always reflect the needs and aspirations of the everyday cooks who will use the products. This lack of consumer-focused design inhibits EPC uptake in high-impact markets. To address this challenge, the 2020 Global LEAP Awards Electric Pressure Cooker Competition included an innovative usability testing process. Usability testing complemented the performance and safety laboratory-testing process by deploying EPCs to kitchens of 14 Kenyan households, measuring appliance performance in real-life conditions, and inviting both experienced and new users to provide feedback on their experiences cooking and evaluate the quality of food cooked with each product.

The Electric Pressure Cooker Usability Testing Buyer's Guide edition contains information about select Winner and Finalist EPCs that participated in the three-month usability testing. The usability testing occurred in Nairobi, Kenya from January 2021 to March 2021 and was carried out by 14 everyday cooks. The Usability Testing Buyer's Guide provides feedback from these participants on the cooking performance and experience, food quality, and product attributes for each EPC product.

The Global LEAP Awards Usability Testing was implemented by CLASP in partnership with the Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) program, and funded by UK aid.