Publication - Gender and Energy: The Effects of the Energy Transition on Women

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Gender and Energy: The Effects of the Energy Transition on Women
Publications Office of the European Union
Murauskaite-Bull, I., Feenstra, M., Creusen, A., Koukoufikis, G., Della Valle, N., Shortall, R. and Stojilovska, A.
Published in
March 2024
In the midst of Europe's multiple crises, the link between gender disparities and the energy transition emerges as a critical element. This comprehensive study, carried out by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in cooperation with the Dutch expert centre on diversity in the energy transition 75inQ, emphasises the urgent need to reduce gender gaps in the energy transition. It sheds light on the often-overlooked impact of gender disparities in access to clean, affordable energy, highlighting the need for immediate action to bridge the gap and foster social resilience. The report emphasises the importance of inclusive policies in guaranteeing women's active engagement and representation in the energy industry, not just as customers but also as decision-makers and innovators. It highlights the significance of breaking down traditional policy silos, providing a road map for a more integrated and comprehensive approach to addressing the complex causes of energy poverty. The findings of the study stress the need of strong data collection and monitoring methods for tracking the success of gender-inclusive energy transition activities, enabling for informed and targeted interventions at both the national and European levels. Recognising and correcting gender disparities as the energy environment changes not only assures a fair transition, but also sets the road for an empowered, resilient, and progressive European society.