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India 2020: Energy Policy Review
International Energy Agency (IEA)

Published in
January 2020
With a population of 1.4 billion and one of the world’s fastest-growing major economies, India will be vital for the future of the global energy markets. The Government of India has made impressive progress in recent years in increasing citizens’ access to electricity and clean cooking. It has also successfully implemented a range of energy market reforms and carried out a huge amount of renewable electricity deployment, notably in solar energy.

Looking ahead, the government has laid out an ambitious vision to bring secure, affordable

and sustainable energy to all its citizens. This in-depth review aims to assist the government in meeting its energy policy objectives by setting out a range of recommendations in each area, with a focus on energy system transformation, energy security and energy affordability. The review also highlights a number of important lessons from the rapid development of India’s energy sector that could help inform the plans of other countries around the world.