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Just Transition Toolbox for coal regions
Wuppertal Institute
Jannis Beutel, Jenny Kurwan, Annisa Wallenta, Timon Wehnert and María Yetano Roche
Published in
April 2022
To implement the global climate targets, a timely phase-out of coal is imperative. Doing so is not only an energy challenge, it is even more a question of how to distribute the burdens and gains of this transition and how to make sure everybody concerned is involved in the process. Against this background, the Wuppertal Institute has developed the Just Transition toolbox for coal regions, a comprehensive compendium of experiences and good practices with references and links to existing handbooks, tools and guidelines. The toolbox is now available on a dedicated website in three languages. It largely builds on knowledge the Wuppertal Institute has gained in analysing and engaging with coal regions in Europe, but has been expanded by a large number of examples from countries like South Africa, India, Chile, Canada, Indonesia, and others.