Publication - Off-Grid Solar Market Assessment in Mozambique

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Off-Grid Solar Market Assessment in Mozambique
Economic Consulting Associates (ECA) & GreenLight

Published in
December 2018
Acknowledging the important role that access to clean forms of electricity can play in the development of the country, the Government of Mozambique (GoM) has joined the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative and committed to a target of achieving universal access to electricity by 2030. Realizing the potential of off-grid solar products to attain this goal, the Government, with the support of development partners, has committed to remove the most urgent market barriers in the off-grid solar sector and assist in accelerating the development of the market. Thus, the purpose of this report is to assess the market opportunities and challenges for adoption and scale up of the off-grid solar market in Mozambique, by analyzing the supply and demand side, the regulatory and enabling environment, the barriers to the market scale up, and the options for intervention.