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Off-grid Energy in Uganda Market Map
Eng. Frank B. Sebbowa, PHD
Published in
January 2022
In this year’s Market Map, and as usual, a thorough overview of key components of off-grid energy systems in Uganda (solar home systems, mini-grid, and productive use) has been given. Financing constraints, especially for the local investors, as well as challenges of the unserved populations, have been well elaborated. Up to date information and data on Uganda’s off-grid has been compiled into one readily available document for policymakers, development partners, current sector participants, and potential investors. This report also includes insights on the emerging and evolving impact of COVID-19 on the sector, much as greater impacts are yet to manifest. It is obvious that the global pandemic will negatively impact the good pace that the off-grid has attained over the past decade in driving Uganda towards universal access to clean modern energy.